Belum Caves

THE BELUM CAVES IS THE 2ND DEEPEST CAVES IN ASIA * This is located 110KM from Kurnool city *This millions of year old caves is located at Belum Village Famous for its stalactite & stalagmite formations, Belum caves First mentioned about its structure by British Geologist H B Foote in his record, the caves were explored and mapped in early 1980s by German Denial Gebauer along with Belum locals and opened to the public only in 2002. Of the 3.25 km long underground strength, only 1.5 km is opened for viewing, the rest remains shrouded in darkness. There is a giant marble Buddha statue outside the caves and is the sign of worship of Buddhist monks thousands of years ago. The innermost secret of the cave is its natural Shivling and Waterfall though Paatalaganga is the main attraction

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